Roger Epstein, Ambassador of Peace

Roger Epstein has been a counselor and advisor to the Zhou Enlai Peace Institute since its inception in 2011.

He has been present for many of the major events created by the Peace Institute, has assisted in countless ways, and  demonstrated his ability to foster peace in many ways, with individuals, businesses, schools and public institutions.

For these reasons, the Zhou Enlai Peace Institute is honored to recognize Roger Harris Epstein as an Ambassador of Peace for the Zhou Enlai Peace Institute, specifically:

“for outstanding consistent service to the mission of international peace
between China and America, and across the world”

This recognition was presented at the Raintree Cafe near downtown Honolulu, Hawaii on May 15, 2021.

Roger Epstein, Chief Counsel, Zhou Enlai Peace Institute


Roger Epstein at a conference in Lexington Kentucky, hosted by the National Governors Association. With Dong Yuming, CEO of Galaxy China (Yulin), and with Zhou Xiaofang, co-founder of the Zhou Enlai Peace Institute.

Roger Epstein, at his graduate law class at Bei Wai University, Beijing, where he lectured for a semester. With one of his students, and with Zhou Xiaofang, co-Chairman, Galaxy China.