7. The New Landscape of Finance in China

A press conference was held in Tianjin (a satellite city of Beijing) on December 20, 2017, at which new initiatives involving revenue royalties were announced. Arthur Lipper was the key speaker at the new corporate headquarters of Tianjin Financial Assets Exchange, and this episode focuses on the host of the program, Liu Meiyan, who directs Business Innovation for one of China’s largest money center banks, CITIC Trust, and on Dai Bing, Vice President of the Tianjin Financial Assets Exchange.

Later, at an executive briefing in Beijing, this episode catches up with Liu Kunfang, a billionaire investor from Shenzhen, who is using principles of Chinese philosophy in his management of real estate and natural resources.

Also featured is the young translator for the whole project, Liu Ranran, a professionally-trained young woman from the top diplomatic school in China, who shares her thoughts on growing up in China today, and her view of the world.

This program provides insight into new developments on the financial landscape of China, including revenue royalties — a method of financial management that is an alternative to debt and equity. It also shows how, even at the apex of the Chinese investment community, strong cultural values are important — respect, equality, ecology, balance with nature.

Future episodes of Understanding China will feature more from Arthur Lipper, from other key banking executives. Information on the program is available at asiapacificgroup.us/royalties-seminar-17/ (English) and asiapacificgroup.us/royalties-seminar-17/ (Chinese). This program is in a combination of English and Mandarin Chinese.

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