1. What are the mission and goals of the Zhou Enlai Peace Institute?

      To listen carefully, to learn deeply, to acquire understanding for the 5000 years of history of the Middle Kingdom, to meet the Chinese people personally, work with them, and understand their story — all this will focus people’s attention on China in a constructive way. The foundation of lasting, productive peace is formed in these personal roots. That is the mission of the Zhou Enlai Institute.

2. What is the APEC Zhou Enlai event all about?

This event will introduce Zhou Enlai as a hero of peace from China to the American and international public. We will also highlight the history of the Chinese community in Hawaii and America.

3. Please explain the Zhou Enlai Peace Awards.

     Once a year, on a date near Zhou’s birthday, the Zhou Enlai Peace Award will be presented at a special ceremony held in the Great Hall of the People. An Award will be given annually to a person within China who practices the principles of simplicity, humility, respect and peacemaking, who meets the personal standard of integrity set by Zhou Enlai. An Award will also be given to a person from the other nations of the world, who will be brought to Beijing to receive recognition for their contributions to peace. The ceremonies will be broadcast nationwide, and made available in translation to broadcasters in other countries. The first Awards will be presented in Beijing in 2012.

4. Where is the event being held?

     Hilton Hawaiian Village, Honolulu, 2005 Kalia Road, Honolulu, HI 96815

       Map: http://www.hiltonhawaiianvillage.com/location_and_travel/index.cfm

      Hilton US Reservations: 1-800-HILTONS (1-800-445-8667)
      Hotel Direct; Phone: 1-808-949-4321, Fax: 1-808-951-5458

5. When is the event being held?

       November 11, 2011, Friday Veteran’s Day; arrivals begin at 11 am; opening ceremonies & lunch begin at 12

6. How do I register/sponsor this event and how do I pay for registration?



7. What is the program for the event?

    Welcome by former Governor John Waihee, and by family members of Zhou Enlai: Zhou Bing De (niece of the former Premier, who grew up with him in the “White House” of China, author of a best-selling book, “My Uncle Zhou Enlai”), Xiao Fang Zhou (grand-niece, co-founder of the Institute) and Zhou Hua Zhang (nephew); talk by Liao Xinwen, the highest official in the Central Committee with responsibility for the legacy of Zhou Enlai; talk by Mary Buffett, former daughter-in-law of Warren Buffett; talk by Zhang Jin, Director of the Zhou Enlai Memorial Hall in Huaian, China, the birthplace of Zhou Enlai.

Dedication by former U.S. Secretary of State Heny Kissinger, on video from New York. Local Grammy Award-winner Owana Salazar, dance performance by IONA Contemporary Dance Theatre; short film created for the occasion by award-winning Hawaii film-maker Edgy Lee

8. What is the schedule for the event?

     An executive buffet luncheon at the Coral Ballroom, Hilton Hawaiian Village, Waikiki 12 noon to 2 pm., November 11, 2011; featuring local gourmet Chinese delicacies

  •         45-minute buffet luncheon, 12:00 – 12:45
  •         45-minute program, 12:45 – 1:30
  •         30 minutes of informal meetings, 1:30 – 2:00 pm

9. What are the contact details for registration for the event?

    Reservations: Contact Event Services: by phone 808-282-9598;
online reservations and complete ticketing at http://zhouenlai.eventbrite.com
further details at http://www.zhouenlaipeaceinstitute.org or  by email reservations@zhouenlaipeaceinstitute.org

10. Who are the hosts and how will the funds be used?

     Honolulu Host Committee: America-China Bridge, Confucius Institute at the University of Hawaii, My Radical Self-Care; PacifiCap Group, Victor Hao Li at Asia-Pacific Consulting Group, and the U.S-China Legal Network
     Co-founders are Xiao Fang Zhou; and Michael North. The permanent phone line, for information about the Institute, its projects and priorities, is 808-638-7700.
     Net Proceeds will be used by the Institute to support the First International Zhou Enlai Peace Awards, to take place in Beijing in 2012. The Zhou Enlai Peace Institute is registered as a non-profit corporation under the laws of the State of Hawaii. IRS tax- exempt status, 501(c)3 pending.

11. Why is this event important to everyone in Hawaii? Why should I be there?

– over the next 20 years, a major factor inn Hawaii’s success will be our growing relationship with China
– China is the largest potential market for us, and of all U.S. states, we are the nearest to them
– because of our history and our multi-cultural society, Chinese people feel comfortable here
– increased flights, openness, availability of visas has seen Chinese visitors increase dramatically
– they come to relax, and stay to do business
– they are investing in our businesses, buying commercial and personal real estate, sending their children to our schools, buying our products ansd services
– the Chinese will increasingly be our neighbors, our partners, our employers, our investors, and our customers
– but we know little about Mainland Chinese; much of what we “know” is wrong
– this event shows how we can begin understanding their ancient culture, their recent history, their way of seeing the world, their goals and priorities, their business style
– best way to begin is to learn about someone they universally admire, respect and love, to see the world through Chinese eyes
– that person is former Premier Zhou Enlai, whose character represents the ideal of the Chinese leader, visionary, father, public servant; his words and actions are legend in China
– the November 11 event honors him in the company of APEC delegates from China; the event is authorized and suoported by senior officials of the government
– an opportunity to meet people the Beijing Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Commerce in an informal setting of aloha
– they attend to honor their most respected leader, and when we show openness to learn and show respect as well, we increase our “face” with them — our honor, trust and potential as a friend
– when you become a friend of the Chinese, the door opens for sincere, lasting business relationships; without this “guanxi” doing businesses can be difficult in their complex society
– with friendship, anything becomes possible.
– for the Chinese community in Honolulu: a rare opportunity to connect with your original family home in a deep, feeling way
– for Hawaii’s major companies: an opportunity to deepen and re-define your existing relationships in China
– for Hawaii’s growing companies: a way to begin to access markets in China, or bring China’s markets to us
– for people of peace and aloha: a way to learn about China’s society, past and present, and witness a historic event, as China publicly declares itself as a committed world peacemaker

12. What’s the connection with APEC?

No official connection with APEC. Not funded, approved or supervised by APEC. The Hawaii APEC Committee is aware of this special independent event, and is being kept informed of key developments, but this event is independently directed and funded by people of Hawaii.

APEC is a formal diplomatic, economic, trade and investment event. The Zhou Enlai Luncheon is citizen diplomacy, seeking peace and understanding on a people-to-people basis. The event was scheduled on November 11 to take advantage of the fact that a great many important officials will be in Honolulu, so some of them will be able to attend and honor Zhou Enlai as a hero of peace from China.



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