Visitor Centre

2. Visitor Centre in Beijing

All over China, memorial halls recognize the importance of Zhou Enlai and the affection that people continue to feel for him. In Shanghai, Tianjin, Huai An, Guangzhou and other sites, dedicated people keep the memory of Zhou Enlai alive.

But there is no such facility open to the public in the capital, Beijing. A small room in Tienanmen Square recognizes Zhou Enlai’s contribution, but what is needed is a complete Visitor Centre, open for free to everyone, every day.

The Zhou Enlai Peace Institute is committed to this major project. It will be located in the center of Beijing, near Tienanmen Square and the Forbidden City. Rather than a grand facade of marble with a monumental statue, it will be much more modest, consistent with the simple lifestyle of the former Premier. The building will resemble a traditional Beijing hutong, with a center courtyard, garden, kitchen, and modest guest rooms for VIP visitors. It will contain a library, research center, a small theater and meeting room, and a place for shared dining in the style of Zhou Enlai. The Premier himself would feel comfortable in this understated place.

The Zhou Enlai Visitor Center in Beijing will also feature an exhibition area and gallery, with interactive exhibits, some of the Premier’s personal books and effects, and creative ways to interact with his life, learn about his stories. It will appeal to young people, to tourists from China and around the world, to serious visitors and scholars. It will give people a brief taste of the life and times of the man, to learn from Zhou Enlai’s example and how to apply it to the challenges of today’s world.

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