On Peace

I feel honored to be with you, to celebrate the historic handshake that took place 40 years ago between Richard Nixon, the American President, and Zhou Enlai, the Premier of China.

I would like to say a few words about peace.

Why did these two men shake hands? Because a handshake is a symbol of peace. Why do we need peace? Because if there is no peace, war will cause the death of many. The more peace, the less death. So if peace can brought to a very high, refined level, then death — not only in our world, but also of our bodies — will be no more.

It is not easy to carry peace to such a high level. It requires every person’s efforts, rich and poor. Confucius said: “Heroes are wealthy people, who would use their riches to bring about peace in the world, and thereby bring longevity to the planet. Heroes are poor people, who would use their minds to create inner peace, and thereby bring longevity to the body.”

No matter how rich or poor, all people have responsibility for peace, and for health. A healthy life, in both world and body, can be realized by people who love peace deeply. The deeper the love you hold, the longer the life you will experience. If love and peace cannot bring us long life, then they are not yet deep enough.

God bless peace in this world. God bless all people, when they gather together for peace. That is all.

Zhou Qing 2012-12-12 Beijing

Zhou Qing is the grand-nephew of Zhou Enlai