Love, Letters, and Revolution

Blossoms fallen under a tree in front of everyone, with the memory of you. I miss you, and wonder if you are still among us. You left the courtyard, leaving the flowers to us, and you will not come again.

Ah, where have you been? I think you must be with the warm spring wind, the snow and cold winter marching with you through the spring breeze, blowing the snow over your footprints.

You have gone, deep into the country’s mountains and plains. Following the flow of the Yangtze River, you enter the immense ocean.

The letters flow between us. We could say they are love letters, but they are not just love letters. In these letters we speak of revolution, and encourage each other without end.

Our love and the revolution were always intertwined, so both love and revolution stretched over the decades, illuminated by danger, hardship, togetherness; sharing joy and sorrow, sometimes fighting together, sometimes separated in two places.

And after many decades, there has been no decrease in our love.

Whenever I think back through the past, I return to our youth in my imagination, fighting side by side for life.

Now I’m old, but my old red heart still beats, my inner strength has become greater. There is life now, to fight on forever, to work hard and to serve the people.

Friends, I hear you, from the deep, ancient place beneath all.

I write this, neither as poetry or prose, but as a memory to my friends and partners.

You lived not only for our country, serving the people of our country — but I see now that you lived for the cause of all mankind, for the peace of the world.

You are always there, side by side with the people.