Longevity & Zhou Enlai


Peace and Longevity

Facing so many honorable people here,  I am honored to have an opportunity to say some words in remembrance of the late premier Zhou Enlai.

Why do we remember him? Because he died for the longevity of our world. Every person who dies for such a cause should be remembered by the living. If we have no chance to give longevity to the whole world, let’s work on ourselves first, though it may take a long time.

This is the spirit of Zhou Enlai. Not everyone can become a premier, but everyone can have a chance to become like Zhou Enlai.

How? Answering this question would be a good reason to build an Institute in his name.

Longevity is not an easy thing; it needs very strong energy. How can we acquire such force? Only peace can do it — not the peace of death, but peace in life. Living means being one with energy. Peace can concentrate our forces to defeat death, our common enemy  — including both disasters and diseases. World peace can defeat the death of our planet, while inner peace can defeat the death of our bodies. Inner peace can lead to world peace, and world peace can enlighten inner peace.

Each face of peace is needed equally. If we cannot yet achieve world peace, let’s make inner peace first. This is the spirit of Zhou Enlai.

Since peace is not lessened by death, but increases throughout life, we can hail in the end: long live peace — long live the world, and long live the people — especially those people who love peace deeply, like you. The deeper we love, the longer the life, without end.

…Zhou Qing; the great nephew of Zhou Enlai; speaking at the announcement of the Zhou Enlai Peace Institute at Peace Palace, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Beijing

2011-10-14, Beijing


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