Zhou Enlai Study Center

The Zhou Enlai Study Center is the official government research, documentation and publication organization in China. It is responsible for all information about China’s first premier and foreign minister, Zhou Enlai.

Based in Beijing and headed by Liao Xinwen, the Center houses a vast collection of original historic materials: documents, letters, photographs, recordings, films and memorabilia.

By meticulously safeguarding the historical record, and studying history in depth, the organization provides support for future policy decisions, and preserves Zhou Enlai’s critical work for future generations. Subjects include his role in modernizing China, opening the nation to the world, providing inspiration to people, personally leading relief work in emergencies, laying the foundation of a modern medical, cultural, energy, transportation and education infrastructure, and defining the theoretical base for reform.

The organization publishes scholarly papers, studies, books and digital media, and sponsors the production of exhibits, including “A Man of Peace” by the Zhou Enlai Peace Institute, and “Zhou Enlai through American Eyes.”

President Liao Xinwen gave an address at the opening of the international organization, Zhou Enlai Peace Institute, held in Honolulu in 2011 during APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation).

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