Bestway – Sponsor


Bestway International is sponsor and the co-producer of the 2015 project, “In the Footsteps of Zhou Enlai.”

Bestway creates a unique culture in the field of aesthetics, advocating independence and self-confidence in the culture of beauty. From the original internal and external style and beauty of Audrey Hepburn, blending Eastern and Western interpretations of spiritual beauty, bringing the Audrey Hepburn aesthetic design philosophy into China, brandishing the seductive Shanghai style, and using the Eastern interpretation of the legendary beauty of this era, Bestway believes that beauty comes from the spiritual world.


According to traditional thinking, plastic cosmetic beauty is a man-made modification; therefore the beauty portrayed is not natural. Bestway is different from these types of traditional medical beauty institutions – Bestway uses a unique way. It is a complete and perfect aesthetic design philosophy which can unearth women’s inner beauty, draw it out and make it shine. We make every effort to adopt this philosophy, so we make every woman that leaves Bestway feel unique and full of ‘inner beauty’.


10th October 2013 -The Shanghai Charity Foundation, Bestway’s Beautiful Angel Fund, was formally established. ‘The Bestway Beautiful Angel Fund’ devotes itself to providing help to young children with facial defects, offering support for young children from poor mountainous areas, and involving itself with other charities and public welfare projects.