10. Through America-Chinese Eyes

Guest Barinna Poon is originally from Hongkong. She is a successful business woman in the dynamic commercial real estate field, and a community leader. She is also the President of Hong Kong Business Association of Hawaii.

See http://www.chaneybrooks.com and http://www.hkbah.org

Interviewer Xiaofang Zhou is co-founder of the Zhou Enlai Peace Institute, and president of the investment advisor service, Asia-Pacific Group, Beijing office.

For the last several years, Barinna has been leading business groups from Hawaii to China. She has seen a different China, a growing China, and a changing China.

In past episodes, we talked about China Dream, and One Road One Belt.

China Dream is focused infrastructure through government and private financing, also known as The Public Private Partnership (PPP) projects to add new bridges, new roads, even new cities like Xiong An.

The Road and Belt is a continuing the ancient Silk Road, re-connecting China to the world through extended railways, new ports and so on.

We all know about Chinese Ying-Yang symbol, the shape and shade of opposite bring to a full circle. Like Yuan Meng, in the Chinese saying, “Round Dream,” meaning “Full Circle of Dream.”

East may be the Ying, the West may be Yang; together the East and West become a full circle, whole. There is so much we can learn from each other, and offer to each another.

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