4. Inside the One Road Policy

Two guests appear on this edition of Understanding China, both live from Beijing, interviewed by host Michael North, with Beijing producer Xiaofang Zhou.

In the first segment, Lin Fanlin of Beijing Imoze Media elaborates on a question that was posed and answered at the end of the last program. The subject is the geo-political dimension of the One Belt Initiative. Mr. Lin manages a key media operation in Beijing, part of the China International Publishing Group (CIPG), which has a broad mission across all domains of electronic information nationwide in China, and was founded in 1949 by Premier Zhou Enlai.

In the second segment, a new guest, Li Yanjun, addresses the capital investment aspects of the One Belt Initiative. Mr. Li is an executive at the China International Trading Business Center, which reports to the Ministry of Commerce. He is a graduate in economics, and his organization advises the government on business development, cultural exchange, trade, health and the environment. His work extends across Africa, Central Asia, the European Union and America.