40th Anniversary Banquet


A collection of the best photos taken February 21, at the 40th Anniversary Celebration of the Handshake between Premier Zhou Enlai and President Nixon. This simple gesture began the process of peace between America and China in Beijing in 1972 — and it was celebrated forty years later in Honolulu.

Special guests include the Mayor of Honolulu, the Honorable Peter Carlisle; Hawaii State Representatives Corinne Ching and Gil Riviere; traditional Hawaiian leaders Kauila Clark and Kawohiokalani; leader of a delegation of Chinese women business leaders, Wang Ting Ying; President of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce, John Hui; past-President of the Chamber, Jeffrey Lau and Hawaii’s Narcissus Queen, Tiffany Au; Grammy-Award winning musician Owana Salazar; renowned author and teacher Lency Spezzano.

The handshake itself was re-enacted by the oldest living nephew of Zhou Enlai, Zhou Hua Zhang; and by Katherine Cleveland, the great-grand-niece of U.S. President Grover Cleveland. Hosts for the evening were the grand-niece of Zhou Enlai, Zhou Xiao Fang, and her husband, Michael North.

photos courtesy of Robyn Ocepek, Celebrations Photo; Joseph Chow, Singtao; and Karl Kao, World Journal