Henry Kissinger

In Beijing, June 2011, former United States Secretary of State Henry Kissinger held a number of meetings with senior officials and the press, and introduced his new book, “On China,” as reported in China Daily:

* Senior Chinese Officials Meet with Kissinger

* Kissinger Optimistic about China-U.S. Relations

On June 25, 2011, representatives of the Zhou Enlai Institute, including immediate members of the Zhou family, welcomed Dr. Kissinger back to Beijing, where he met many times with former Premier and Foreign Minister Zhou Enlai, forming the basis for enduring relationship between the United States and China.

Dr. Kissinger expressed interest in international recognition of his old friend, and his personal support for the cause of peace between America and China.

Present at the meeting were Zhou Hua Zhang, eldest nephew of Zhou Enlai, and his wife, Yunzhen Hou; the grand-niece of Zhou Enlai, Zhou Xiao Fang, her husband Michael North, and her brother Zhou Qing.

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