Shanghai Launch Ceremony


“In the Footsteps of Zhou Enlai; China 2015”
documentary co-producer and sponsor

Bai Hui International



On May 15, 2015, the Zhou Enlai Peace Institute and the Shanghai Charitable “Beautiful Angel” fund, established by Bai Hui International, agreed to collaborate in the production of the documentary film, “In the Footsteps of Zhou Enlai.”

At the former home of Premier Zhou Enlai in Shanghai, Mr. Zhu Yukun, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer Bai Hui and an official of the “Beautiful Angel” fund, spoke with Zhou Xiaofang and other leaders of the Zhou Enlai Peace Institute.

Mr. Zhu contributed a sponsorship fund of ¥93,000 to the “2015 China Footprint Tour” and was awarded the honor of “Peace Ambassador” by the Zhou Enlai Peace Institute.


Messengers of Peace

In the past century, a small number of leaders made great efforts for world peace; they are known worldwide as heroes. Mahatma Gandhi brought freedom to India through non-violence; Nelson Mandela liberated South Africa through peace; Martin Luther King, Jr. established the highest standard of equality in the United States.

But in modern China, the world’s largest country, no hero of peace has been accorded equal respect by the international community. Zhou Enlai was a great man, a prominent figure who made important contributions to China, to America and to world peace. As China’s Premier and Foreign Minister, Zhou Enlai travelled the world to open up new worlds for his nation and to pursue the highest human goal: friendship among all the peoples of the world.

In order to gain a deeper understanding of Premier Zhou Enlai, the Zhou Enlai Peace Institute officially launched the first phase of the project “In the Footsteps of Zhou Enlai” in May 2012. The second phase began in May, 2015, when the first recordings in the “Footprint” series were made — to recall the facts and the reality of Premier Zhou and make these images available everywhere through modern science and technology. This project embodies the modern giant of China, and reintroduces him to the world so that many more may people know him.


The spirit of love animates this “Footprint” tour, which includes China in 2015, then greater Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Europe — a complete and detailed retracing of his life and the places he worked. This will allow people around the world to hear the stories of Zhou Enlai, will help the Chinese people to truly understand the tremendous efforts he made for world peace, and help everyone to understand the peaceful vision of the people of China today.

For 35 days, the Footsteps 2015 China Tour will visit the National Memorial to Zhou Enlai in Huaian; his birthplace, home school, the places of organizing, marching, struggle, war, liberation, tragedy; across all of China’s four major cities, 21 provinces, and two autonomous regions. Bai Hui International, the Zhou Enlai Peace Institute, and Hawaii Community Television ‘Olelo, are providing the researchers, interviewers and camera people.

The first stop was the former home of Zhou Enlai in Shanghai, the former site of the delegation of the Communist Party of China, where the group was blessed with rain on May 11. But their spirits were not dampened. On behalf of the Shanghai Charitable “Beautiful Angel fund, Mr. Zhu Yukun provided sponsorship of 93,000 yuan. He was presented with the “Peace Ambassador” recognition by the Zhou Enlai Peace Institute.


The Dream of Peace

Growing up in a peaceful spirit in the soil of China, Zheng Han-wen and Caoru Ping co-founded BESTWAY: Bai Hui International, to recognize the global expression of the spirit and beauty of Audrey Hepburn. She represents the “New Woman of Eternal Beauty,” and expresses the company’s mission, the brotherhood of a new era, and the spirit of peace.

Since the establishment of the fund, the organization has sponsored Bai Hui Hope Primary School, supporting a remote mountain school. The group has always sought to help children in the mountains, poor children, and children with facial defects. External beauty, as known in America, will disappear with the passage of time, leaving only the touch of the soul of great love, the real beauty.

Zhou Enlai’s story is the story of the rise of modern China; Zhou Enlai’s life represents the nation’s dignity. To follow in his huge footsteps will create an eternal memory and a longing among people, giving new life, new love, and help to establish and era of enlightenment and peace.