The Right to Peace: Media

Images and impressions from the celebration of UN Peace Day in New York; September 21-22, 2018.

“The Right to Peace” is the official 2018 theme of United Nations International Peace Day, originally enacted by the General Assembly in 1991.

A Press Release was sent to media worldwide, through PR.Com and Reuters. The release was picked up by hundreds of newspapers, magazines, television and radio stations, and internet news services worldwide.

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Book Publication: The book announced at this event is the first ever English translation of “My Uncle Zhou Enlai,” the beloved popular book in China written by Zhou Bingde. The author, who traveled to New York for the occasion, is the niece of Zhou Enlai; she grew up with the Premier in West Flower Hall in central Beijing. Zhou Bingde spoke, and signed copies of the new book personally.They were there to honor the 120th Birthday of Zhou Enlai, and to recognize the importance of China’s ongoing, day to day mission to build peace in America, through the consulate in New York.

She visited with Ambassador Ma Zhaoxu at the Chinese Mission to the United Nations in New York, presenting him with autographed copies of her book, and with some of his senior staff, including Counsellor Li Aizhong and First Secretary Jiang Shuwan.

Attending the UN Peace Day events on behalf of the Consulate General of China in New York, were Consul Gong Ceng, and Zhao Jian, head of the Political Section.

Mme Zhou Bingde was presented by New Star Press, part of China International Publishing Group, one of the largest publishers in China.

Author Zhou Bingde presents a copy of her book translation, “My Uncle Zhou Enlai,” to Ambassador Ma Zhaoxu, at the Permanent Mission of China to the United Nations; September 19, 2018.

Youth Delegation: the Five Principles of Peace. A group of students from China traveled to New York, to participate and support the official Youth Observance of UN Peace Day. These young people presented, in symbol and movement, their vision of the Five Principles of Peace, the masterwork of diplomacy written by China’s peace hero, Zhou Enlai. The Five Principles are connected, through art, with the Five Elements of classical Chinese philosophy.

The Youth Delegation was headed by Song Qi, of the Legends International Cultural Institute in Beijing.

Students and young artists from across China tour the United Nations General Assembly.

The Tao of Peace: Taking place at the United Nations Chapel, in support of the celebration of United Nations Peace Day. This event brought together representatives of the major faiths and philosophies of the world. We learned about experience of the Tao, one of the root cultural and scientific traditions of China. Zhou Xiaofang shared practices and history that connect modern China with its deepest historical roots, tracing their development through the practical example of Zhou Enlai.

Grace Chang performed ancient traditional Chinese music on the Gezheng, as part of the welcome from the New York Chinese community.

Images from Benevolence Gallery; fine original art from across China, dedicated to the 120th Birthday of Premier Zhou Enlai, and to peace in the world.

The Benevolence Gallery brought together the finest works of some of China’s leading young artists. This collection was created specifically for the Right to Peace events at the United Nations, and is dedicated to the memory of China’s peacemaker, Zhou Enlai, who was a leading supporter of the arts. The vision, skill, and free spirit expressed by these young artists demonstrates how modern China yearns to participate in an international culture of peace. A number of the young artists traveled to New York for the occasion.

Benevolence was presented by Gao Chao, of La Vie Art Salon, and The Ambassador Calligraphy & Painting Club, both of Beijing.

The United Nations Prayer for Peace was the generous forum for an official celebration on Peace Day, September 21, at the United Nations Chapel, across from the General Assembly, in which the delegation from China participated. Introduced and sponsored by Monica Willard, the Representative to the United Nations of the Universal Religions Initiative, hosted by Reverend Dionne Boissiere, the Chaplain of the United Nations Chapel, and endorsed by Levy Bautista, the President of the Congress of Non-Governmental Organizations, the UN community opened its arms and hearts to all the delegates from China.

Reverend Dionne P. Boissiere, Chaplain of the United Nations Chapel, introduces the delegation from China to UN International Peace Day.

Former Hawaii Senator James Wong,  leader of the important traditional Royal Order of Kamehameha, attended the events at the UN Chapel, and the dinner afterward. He represented the people of Hawaii and their support of UN Peace Day, recognizing the importance of Zhou Enlai as China’s peacemaker.

911 Memorial Observance: The entire delegation traveled to the site of the the 911 Memorial, at the World Trade Center in lower Manhattan. Red and white roses, alongside Chinese and American flags, were presented to a representative of the Memorial. Mme. Zhou Bingde helped Zhou Xiaofang to present the sincere sentiments of the people of China, supporting the people of New York, America and the world to build durable foundations of peace that benefit all.

Flags and roses, placed at the World Trade Center Memorial by the UN Peace Day delegation from China, and their multinational colleagues.