Address by Chairman Yan

Chairman Yan Jiehe: Address to the Zhou Enlai Peace Institute, December 5, 2012, Beijing

Yan Jiehe is one of China’s leading businessmen, a scholar and author of Confucius philosophy for the 21st Century. His company, Pacific Construction Group, is a strong force for ethical, effective business practice in China, and develops young talent to drive China’s ongoing economic progress. Chairman Yan is from Huaian, Jiangsu Province, the birthplace of China’s greatest modern peacemaker, Premier Zhou Enlai. Here he speaks to the Zhou Enlai Peace Institute at a formal state banquet at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Beijing, December 5, 2012. He speaks of the legacy of Zhou Enlai, and his personal commitment to extend that legacy.

Pacific Construction Group, Chairman of the Board of Advisors
Pacific Business Institute, Chairman
HT-CEO Organizing Committee, Chairman