Beijing Visit


The Zhou Enlai Peace Institute conducted several important meetings in Beijing in May, 2012.

First, meetings were held with Zhou Bingde (niece of Zhou Enlai) and Liao Xinwen (director of the Zhou Enlai Study Center at the Central Committee). Plans for the upcoming Beijing Peace Festival were reviewed, and both leaders pledged their support.

Next, a reunion of family members of former Premier Zhou Enlai was held at a fine restaurant in Beijing. Present were Zhou Xiao Fang and her brother, Zhou Qing (grand-niece and grand-nephew); Zhou Bingde (niece); Zhou Bingjun (nephew) and his wife, Liu Junying; and Zhou Binghe (nephew). Also joining in the family gathering were Catherine Lin of Nihao Media and her daughter, several people from the Heaven-Gaia group, Elyse Ribbons (local playwright) and businessman Paul Atherley.

Finally, the founders of the Institute and new Board member, Catherine Lin, visited with Xie Yuan, who is Director-General of the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, a public diplomacy office of the Foreign Ministry. He pledged his strong support for the Peace Festival, beginning with a banquet to be held on December 12 at the Peace Palace, Beijing.