Zhou Enlai, Beijing; 1949

On October 1, 1949, history was made in Beijing. A new nation drew breath for the first time, in the bright expanse of Tienanmen: The People’s Republic of China.

The creation of a massive new country, born of the struggle of war, invasion and revolution, is a rare event. It is an act of will and faith. It requires heart and action from all the people.

The people’s achievement was made possible by many decades of study, courage and sacrifice by thousands of leaders. They overcame impossible odds and faced many dark days, beginning 50 years before.

One of the leaders celebrating in Tienanmen that day was Zhou Enlai, who became the first Premier and Foreign Minister of the New China.

What was he doing, how was he feeling — and what was the response of the people that day, 70 years ago?

This short video captures a few moments and expressions of the people, and of Zhou Enlai on October 1, 1949 — the endless optimism, hope and faith.

On behalf of the many friends of China from across the world, we wish the people and the nation — happy birthday!

Zhou Enlai Peace Institute, September 24, 2019