Press Release, Peace Day 2018

Delegation from China Arrives in New York
to Support United Nations Peace Day,
Visit 911 Memorial

Students, Artists and Zhou Bingde, Best-Selling Author
Celebrate 120th Birthday of China’s Peacemaker, Zhou Enlai

September 19, 2018

NEW YORK, NY: A group of students, artists and a well-known Chinese author have arrived in New York to take part in special events at the United Nations on Friday, September 21. This marks one of the first times that young people from China have taken part directly and independently in public events at the UN.

The celebration is complimentary and open to the public, in support of the annual United Nations International Day of Peace. It follows the official theme, “The Right to Peace,” and will be held at the United Nations Chapel on September 21, part of the day-long Prayer for Peace; details of location below. Free registration at

The leader of the delegation is best-selling Chinese author and intellectual, Zhou Bingde. She is the niece of China’s first modern Premier, Zhou Enlai, who pioneered deep connections between China and the rest of the world, and is widely respected in China as a peacemaker. Her book, “My Uncle Zhou Enlai,” is being published for the first time in English translation; details of press conference and book signing below.

The 15 young people are a self-funded, grass-roots, group of talented students and contemporary fine artists from across China. The students will perform a simple visual ceremony called “The Five Principles of Peace,” in honor of the 120th birthday of China’s first modern premier, Zhou Enlai.

The artists will exhibit “Benevolence” — 15 extraordinary pieces of original art, brought from Beijing this week to New York for a rare public American showing, inside the UN Chapel for one day only, September 21.

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“Zhou Enlai is loved by the ordinary people of China as a model of respect, tolerance, diversity and equality,” said Xiaofang Zhou North, one of the delegation organizers and co-founder of the Zhou Enlai Peace Institute. “We have come to New York to share stories about his important work with the world.”

“Our ‘Benevolence’ exhibit communicates the will to support profound, organic peace that the Chinese people feel,” said Gao Chao, of La Vie Art Salon in Beijing, the arts delegation leader. “It is a positive vision, from some of China’s most sensitive and talented young souls.”

“Young people are the bridge between the past and the future,” said Song Qi, of Legends International Culture Institute, the youth delegation leader. “These students are the best of the best from China’s vast world, and they are eager to share in the highest standards of the United Nations, the people of America and New York.”

“Most Americans might recognize Zhou Enlai as the man who shook Richard Nixon’s hand at the Beijing airport, and the inspiration behind ping-pong diplomacy,” said Michael North, with one of the sponsors, Asia-Pacific Group. “But the real story is much deeper and more subtle. This delegation reaches out from China at just the right moment — of apparent tension between the world’s two economic giants. This delegation evokes instead the fundamental common interests that all people share.”

The group will visit well-known spots in New York on September 22, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, culminating in a hosted visit to the 911 Memorial. Zhou Bingde will present small gifts and heartfelt sentiments to the people of America and New York in a short, solemn declaration of unity, around the fallen towers of the World Trade Center.

“This group, and so many other peace-minded people throughout the world, are pulling in the opposite direction to what we see in the headlines — toward cooperation, integration, and friendship,” said attorney Roger Epstein, who advises the organizers. “It’s important that we listen to these voices.”

Events in “The Right to Peace”:

1. Student Performance, Gallery and Book Announcement — Peace Prayer open to the public beginning at 10 am, September 21; China delegation presentations begin at 3:00 pm.; United Nations Chapel, 777 First Ave., corner of 44th Street, across from the UN General Assembly.

2. Press conference and book signing — Open to the press, 6:00 pm. on September 21 in the Manhattan Room at the United Nations Millennium Hotel, One UN Plaza, corner of First Avenue at 44th Street. Followed by a small banquet. Call press contact below.


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