40th Anniversary

One day…

January 8, 1976

in Beijing —


Zhou Enlai:

one of the fathers of modern China

a great writer

a powerful leader

a world diplomat

a soldier

a peacemaker —


He was so alive,

so strong

so creative,

so close to family

A husband, a helper


He lived passionately,

for justice in his country

for equality among nations

always protecting the people


Yet one day…

he passed away


The millions came

to the center of the Capital

to see and respect him

one last time


The family laid his ashes

around his beloved country

The world recognized him

and China was transformed

by his example.



We remember

January 8, 1976

One day…


What a great man!
Peter McCrea, New York


Grateful to have known him and shared a piece of the history with him
Chungliang Huang, Portland


We honor Zhou Enlai’s message and ray for his memory to live on .  We would love the opportunity to visit China one day.  We pray for the peace that Zhou Enlai believed in for the world.  He was truly a man of honor.
Tiffany Marie Delorme, France


Zhou Enlai A truly beautiful human being.
Nancy Robertson, New York