United Nations Peace Day Committee

May 27, 2018 — Beijing.

A meeting of the United Nations Peace Day Committee was held at China People’s Palace, Xicheng District, Beijing, with friends dedicated to leadership for peace in China, and in the world.


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The purpose was to celebrate Premier Zhou Enlai’s 120th anniversary, and to conduct joint planning for supporting United Nations Peace Day in New York, September 21, 2018.

The meeting was organized by XiaoFang Zhou North, of the Zhou Enlai Peace Institute. Guests of honor included family members of Zhou Enlai: Zhou Bingde, and Zhou Bingyi; Zhou Qing, Xiaofang’s brother and Mei Hua, her daughter; Zhou Rong and his wife; and business and academic supporters including Roger Epstein, of Asia-Pacific Group and Beijing Foreign Studies University; Lin Fanlin, of Beijing Moze and China International Publishing Group, his wife and two daughters; Niu Li, of Pacific Research Center, BFSU; and many others.