World Trade Center Moments


September 22, 2018.

The World Trade Center. Lower Manhattan.

A delegation of students and artists from across China, led by well-known author Zhou Bingde, visits the 911 Memorial.

They are here to celebrate Peace Day at the United Nations, to honor China’s peacemaker, Zhou Enlai, and to pay their respects, on behalf of the people of China, to those who fell in this place, on September 11, 2001.

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about this event, and the sentiments offered by the delegates.

Xiaofang Zhou North (video beginning at 7:35):

We are here to our pay our respects to everyone who died here, 17 years ago. The Memorial Hall people came to accept our small gift — a Chinese flag and an American flag, and roses.

The red rose represents the American people, and the white rose represents the Chinese people.

So we held a little ceremony to remember those people who died. To their families — we wish them peace.

We hope this tragedy will teach us a lesson: to continue to build peace.

Not only for American people. There were Chinese people, Mexican, Japanese, Korean — from all over the world. They came here for an ordinary work day, and they didn’t return to their families.

We sincerely express our gratitude that we are standing here before you. We will carry their legacy, and everyone’s hope for peace.

That’s why we brought our Chinese kids here. The purpose is to educate them, because they weren’t born when these things happened.

We hope that they learn something, and they become peacemakers.

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