Nankai University Symposium

The Fourth International Symposium on Zhou Enlai Studies
held at Nankai University, Tianjin China
October 21-24, 2013

Many scholars from around China, and international researchers from around the world, gathered for an academic symposium on the historic campus of Nankai University. The event was sponsored by the China Institute of CPC Literature Research, Nankai University, the Zhou Enlai Life Research Association, the Zhou Enlai School of Government, Marxism Educational School, and the Zhou Enlai Research Center.

Topics addressed included detailed analysis of historic, economic, social and political subjects, all centered on China’s first Premier and Foreign Minister, Zhou Enlai. The Zhou Enlai Peace Institute was invited for the first time to present a paper at this important gathering.

Opening Session, October 22

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Section Four Study Group, October 22 and 23

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Closing Session, October 23

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