Conference in Xi’an

Celebration of the 60th Anniversary of
the Eighth Army, and Memorial Dedication   

China Plus
2019-11-19 17:43:33

Guest Photos (Zhao Junzhe)

China Plus (Zhao Junzhe): On November 19, a celebration of the 60th anniversary of the establishment of Xi’an Office of the Eighth Route Army and the “Communication, Coordination and Sharing: Protection and Utilization of Revolutionary Cultural Historic Objects” were held in Xi’an.

Zhou Enlai’s grand-niece Zhou Xiaofang, Lin Boqu’s grand-daughter Lin Youqun, Zhou Zijian’s son Zhou Lingang and Zhou Tian’an, Hu Qiaomu’s daughter Hu Muying, Du Bin’s grandson Du Fangbin and other guests were invited to attend the celebration. They recalled the profound friendship between the Eighth Route Army office in Shaanxi and the Eighth Route Army Office Memorial, and proposed constructive advice and valuable suggestions for the future development of the Eighth Route Army Office Memorial.

Seminar (Zhao Junzhe)

The leaders from Eighth Army’s offices around China carried exchanges on the role of Eighth Army Office Memorial in promoting revolutionary culture, inheriting  tradition, and spreading the core values of the nation. The participants agreed that the site of Eighth  Army Office Memorial is an important witness of the great history of the Communist Party of China, an important carrier for the transmission of tradition, and the best interpretation of revolutionary spirit; therefore, it is their duty and the mission of the whole society to protect, pass on and make good use of these historic objects.

In order to integrate the resources from around China, promote exchanges and cooperation between different Eighth Army Office Memorials, further develop the revolutionary education platform, pass on revolutionary spirit, strengthen patriotism and revolutionary education and better play the important role of revolutionary sites in education, this Alliance Office was established under the Shaanxi Provincial Cultural Heritage Administration, Xi’an Cultural and Heritage Bureau.

Then, Xi’an Eighth  Army Office Memorial and eight other memorials took the initiative and established this Alliance. The eight memorial members, among which are Chongqing Red Rock Revolutionary Museum, the Lanzhou Office of Eighth Route Army Memorial and other memorials, all signed a cooperation agreement.

Award Ceremony (Zhao Junzhe)

Ma Lijun, deputy director of Xi’an Cultural and Heritage Bureau, said that the establishment of the Alliance provides a broad platform for its development. He also pointed out that the memorial will always keep its original intention and mission in mind, serve its development, continue to take efforts for the protection and utilization of revolutionary objects with pioneering and innovative spirit, and strive to write a new chapter for the protection and utilization of this memorial.

Chen Bin, director of the Memorial,
is interviewed by the press (Zhao Junzhe)

At the seminar, An Wei, who studies Helen Snow, Shi Weiran’s eldest grandson Shi Shunxin, grand-niece Shi Junqin, and Tan Bing’s son Tan Xixian, collector of national cultural historic materials Lei Qingbo, all donated precious items to the memorial.

Chen Bin, Director of the Memorial, said that these donated items are of great academic significance, enriching the collection of the Memorial and deepening research. The memorial will live up to expectations by telling stories and passing on traditions from one generation to another. He also said that after establishment of the Alliance, other memorials should be more consistent in digging deep into such resources, making the Memorial like a university, and letting revolutionary historic materials carry forward the spirit of the nation, and the spirit of the time.

Meanwhile, this Alliance should play a role in strengthening the construction of our core value system, helping to realize the Chinese dream of national rejuvenation.

Edited by Wang Fei

Xi’an Conference Gallery

visit by Zhou Xiaofang, representing the international
Zhou Enlai Peace Institute, to the Xi’an Memorial

Video photographer, Zhao Longfei. Sun Xiaodan, sponsor of Xi’an Incident and Eighth Army Memorial video production. Photography assistants Wu Di and Xianghe.