Student Exchange

Zhou Enlai Scholarship for Culture and Peace

Many well-established and effective student exchange programs connect deserving students in China with schools in the United States, and vice versa. Most of these programs focus on well-defined academic subjects, especially business, engineering, technology and language.

The focus of the program from the Zhou Enlai Peace Institute will be unique: culture, arts, peace and co-operation.

A typical summer program would sponsor 40-60 students from China, to come to a selected city in America and spend time with a variety of professional artists, including dancers, actors, painters, poets and writers, learning how they practice their craft and attending performances.

They would also spend time with peacemakers in the selected city — largely non-profit citizens groups who have developed effective programs for reconciliation, forgiveness, non-violence and peace. Many of these organizations also have activities in the arts, and we would draw a direct connection between the life of creativity, and a life of community service.

Cities in America with the necessary artistic and cultural depth and diversity to support such a program include Honolulu, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Denver, Chicago, St. Louis, Atlanta, Austin, New Orleans, Atlanta, Miami, Washington DC, New York, Philadelphia and Boston.

First Lady Michelle Obama speaks at the historic Peking University, March 22, 2014. She discusses the importance of student exchange to the foundation of international peace. Original video from the White House website,

American students would have the same opportunity to work with creative artists in China. Learning about the ancient forms, and how they are quickly evolving in modern China, would give Americans a rare level of insight into the Chinese character. Understanding China’s profound quest for peace, and how it translates into social and artistic action, would challenge many assumptions that Americans have about the Middle Kingdom.

Cities in China with the diverse cultural resources needed include Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Chongqing, Dongguan, Nanjing, Wuhan, Harbin, Chengdu and others.

At the conclusion of each extended program, an award would be given to the most promising student, who shows the greatest potential for having a life of creativity and service. The award would be presented, subject to availability and schedule, by a senior official, possibly the President of the United States or the Premier of China, or the Secretary of Education in America, the Minister of Education in China.

Dedicated to Dr. Clyde Musgrave, a true hero of peace, who passed away in November 2011; he worked very effectively to help the Zhou Enlai Peace Institute in its international announcement, November 11, 2011. His optimism, bright intellect and dedication to meaningful change in the world will always be missed.

His research, and his work on this website, form a fitting tribute to Dr. Clyde, and we know that students who benefit in the future from this scholarship program will appreciate him, too.

Semper fi. Life abides.

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