Live Event Video

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The video segments here were all recorded live at the announcement of the Zhou Enlai Peace Institute, November 11, 2011 at the Hilton Hawaiian Village.

Key Segments include:

John Waihee, former Governor of Hawaii; Introduction
Au ‘Ohana, opening invocation and chant; Opening Hula
Zhou Xiao Fang, co-founder; Keynote
Michael North, co-founder; Zhou Enlai and America
Zhou Enlai: A Man of Peace: a short film by award-winner Edgy Lee, telling the story of the Chinese community in Hawaii, and a connection to peace
Zhou Enlai: Memory Renewed: a short visual introduction to the former Premier and his life
Zhao Shangsen, congratulations from the Foreign Ministry of China
Calvin Say, Speaker of the House of Representatives of Hawaii; proclamation of the State Legislature
Ann Chung, Director of Business Development, for Peter Carlisle, the Mayor of Honolulu
Guest Video Speakers: Maya Soetoro-Ng, Mary Buffett, meeting with Henry Kissinger, Jerry Jampolsky and Diane Cirincione, Chuck Spezzano, Mayor Peter Carlisle
Owana Salazar, slack-key master, singing O Malakapua
Owana Salazar and Xiao Fang Zhou, duet; traditional Chinese folk song
Zhou Bing De, author and niece of Zhou Enlai, Beijing
Liao Xinwen, Director of the Zhou Enlai Study Center, Central Committee Beijing
Zhang Jin, Director-General of the National Zhou Enlai Memorial, Huaian, Jiangsu
Zhou Hua Zhang, nephew of Zhou Enlai
A Story of Courage, told about Zhou Enlai by Zhou Xiao Fang and Michael North
Sponsors: The people and organizations who generously supported the Zhou Enlai Peace Institute launch
Network Television News: local Fox network, KHON, broadcasts an in-depth story about the Zhou Enlai Peace Institute
People and Celebration: A montage of stills, with music, of the many people who attended the luncheon in Honolulu

Executive Producers Michael North and Xiao Fang Zhou; producers Christian Nahoopii-Hose, Michael Paz and Greg Davis, with thanks to Evern Williams, all working for ‘Olelo Community Television; Technical Director, light and sound by Mikel Humerickhouse at AVT; still photography by Chaz Hendrickson at ACES XP. Production management assistance from Marcos Ordonez at the Hilton Hawaiian Village.