Live Event Video

The video segments here were all recorded live at the announcement of the Zhou Enlai Peace Institute, November 11, 2011 at the Hilton Hawaiian Village.

Key Segments include:

John Waihee, former Governor of Hawaii; Introduction
Au ‘Ohana, opening invocation and chant; Opening Hula
Zhou Xiao Fang, co-founder; Keynote
Michael North, co-founder; Zhou Enlai and America
Zhou Enlai: A Man of Peace: a short film by award-winner Edgy Lee, telling the story of the Chinese community in Hawaii, and a connection to peace
Zhou Enlai: Memory Renewed: a short visual introduction to the former Premier and his life
Zhao Shangsen, congratulations from the Foreign Ministry of China
Calvin Say, Speaker of the House of Representatives of Hawaii; proclamation of the State Legislature
Ann Chung, Director of Business Development, for Peter Carlisle, the Mayor of Honolulu
Guest Video Speakers: Maya Soetoro-Ng, Mary Buffett, meeting with Henry Kissinger, Jerry Jampolsky and Diane Cirincione, Chuck Spezzano, Mayor Peter Carlisle
Owana Salazar, slack-key master, singing O Malakapua
Owana Salazar and Xiao Fang Zhou, duet; traditional Chinese folk song
Zhou Bing De, author and niece of Zhou Enlai, Beijing
Liao Xinwen, Director of the Zhou Enlai Study Center, Central Committee Beijing
Zhang Jin, Director-General of the National Zhou Enlai Memorial, Huaian, Jiangsu
Zhou Hua Zhang, nephew of Zhou Enlai
A Story of Courage, told about Zhou Enlai by Zhou Xiao Fang and Michael North
Sponsors: The people and organizations who generously supported the Zhou Enlai Peace Institute launch
Network Television News: local Fox network, KHON, broadcasts an in-depth story about the Zhou Enlai Peace Institute
People and Celebration: A montage of stills, with music, of the many people who attended the luncheon in Honolulu


Executive Producers Michael North and Xiao Fang Zhou; producers Christian Nahoopii-Hose, Michael Paz and Greg Davis, with thanks to Evern Williams, all working for ‘Olelo Community Television; Technical Director, light and sound by Mikel Humerickhouse at AVT; still photography by Chaz Hendrickson at ACES XP. Production management assistance from Marcos Ordonez at the Hilton Hawaiian Village.