Haiyi Interview

From 10 to 11 pm on November 12, 2020, the Haiyi Lecture was broadcast online; its theme was ‘The Foundation of China-Us Relations from The People’.

This seminar was hosted by Haiyi Institute, China and USA, and Mrs. Xiaofang Zhou North, Vice Chairman of APG Galaxy Trade and Technology. Moderator: Mrs. Lucy Niu, Executive Director of Haiyi Institute.

Lucy Niu

This webinar focused on the intimacy and influence of people-to-people exchange between China and USA, which influence and drive the improvement of government relations. Promoting the search for consensus between China and USA, and bridging the differences, is a key factor in returning China-US relations to health.

APG Galaxy Trade & Technology LLC, USA

Xiaofang Zhou North

Michael North

Research Centre for Pacific Studies, Beijing Foreign Studies University

Research Centre for Pacific island Strategic Studies, Guangdong Foreign & Trade Universities

Research Center for Pacific Island Studies, Liaocheng University

China International Contractors Association

China Building Materials Circulation Association

The Investment Association of China, Energy Investment Committee

Investment Abroad Platform

South Pacific Pavilion

TransAsia Lawyers (Beijing)


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