Zhou Enlai Integrity Pledge

for the best businesses in China

Our company supports and practices the five principles of integrity, which are based on the character of former Premier Zhou Enlai: honesty, responsibility, compassion, prudence, and dignity.

I personally promise to practice these principles to the best of my ability, to manage my business organization, and to lead all my employees to live according to these principles.

I recognize my responsibility to society, and to the people of China. I will use all of my power to guarantee that:

    1. At all times I will speak truthfully about both the present condition and future prospects of the company.
    2. I will ensure that all promises the company makes to its investors, shareholders and to the public, are fulfilled.
    3. Accurate, timely financial records of all the company’s activities will be kept. I will never allow personal enrichment by anyone at the company’s expense.
    4. The company will pay its debts on time, will honor all contracts, and will provide a fair return to its investors.
    5. The company will faithfully follow the laws of China, and the laws of all the countries in which it operates.
    6. Employees of our company will always be treated with dignity, fairness and respect. We will support their family needs with children, the elderly and the sick and will create a harmonious working environment for our employees.
    7. Customers of the company will always receive the highest-quality products and services we can provide.
    8. We will treat our competitors with fairness and dignity, recognizing that we have a common duty to our customers. Where possible, we will seek creative co-operation instead of destructive competition.
    9. Our company recognizes its responsibility to the whole of society, to give back to people in need. We will create public programs to help our community that personally involve our management and our employees.
    10.   Our company will follow the highest principles of environmental quality, and we operate our business with energy efficiency.
    11.   We recognize our responsibility to support the balanced economic and social development of China, and will emphasize unity and harmony for all people in the nation.
    12. Our company will encourage international peace, friendship and cooperation among all nations in the world, creating understanding and respect that ensure a peaceful world for this generation, and for generations to come.

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Created and supported by
the Zhou Enlai Peace Institute


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