13. Art and Artists in China



Xiaofang Zhou North, recently arrived home from Beijing, hosts this program about a project she managed at the United Nations in September, 2018.

In conjunction with “The Right to Peace,” a delegation of students and young artists journeyed from across China to New York, as part of the celebration of the 120th birthday of Zhou Enlai, China’s peacemaker.

After this highly successful and densely attended event, the artists and their art stopped off in Honolulu with their collection, called Benevolence, for a few days, on their way home to Beijing.

Xiaofang introduced them to her friend, George Atkins, who runs one of the oldest and largest contemporary art galleries in Hawaii, and he decided to take on the entire collection of art from China at his gallery in Haleiwa, on the North Shore of Oahu.

This program tells the story of Gao Chao, the gallery owner from Beijing who developed Benevolence, who will be attending live from Beijing. It tells the story of George Atkins and his fine gallery, and why he was so drawn to this powerful collection of contemporary images. George has already sold two quite unique pieces, and he’ll describe the response of the international collectors who acquired them.

He is bringing two other fine pieces from Haleiwa, and will show them live in the studio, discussing their meaning, quality and craftsmanship with Gao Chao.

The guests for this episode are Gao Chao and George Atkins.

also at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sv0zhlJVSe4

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