Interviews: Following the Footsteps

 Following in Zhou Enlai’s Footsteps

 Zhou Xiaofang

David Castellano

(rough English translation)


History can always reflect the style of an era through one person, one story, one thing and one place. “Follow Zhou Enlai’s footsteps” It is to try to make a visit to the place where Zhou Enlai once worked and lived, to put readers and spectators in the historical situation that has occurred, to tell the story of the outstanding great man Zhou Enlai, and to recreate his life deeds.

Our story will start when he was born, from the education and growth of his toddler, to how he firmly chose the path of revolution from a aspiring youth, and devoted his life’s energy to China and the people of the world. At the same time, we are convinced that his story will certainly help the world  to understand more deeply the century of China.

Through the “footprints”feature interviews, factual, and immersive real experience, in the way of Chinese and English documentary film and books, to provide people with a chance to learn and understand the great man Zhou Enlai, and through understanding him to understand the great Chinese nation.

Zhou Enlai’s life represents the dignity of a nation. He is a symbol of peace and a well-deserved vanguard model of world peace. Today, China is following the footsteps of the older generation of revolutionaries to create a more civilized new world that the world looks up to.

 Zhou Enlai’s story is the story of the rise of modern China. We look back with this understanding.

But also looking forward to the future.

Interview with Zhou Bingde clips

When I was at school, I lived in Siban,mainly on weekends or summer and winter holidays for a long time,Our small , brothers andsisters,Crowded living conditions,So uncle and aunt talked to my parents about letting meLive inTheirThatSon. When I go to school, I have to study late, and I have to go to school onthe evening of the weekend , so I seldom see my uncle.

In the morning of Siban, you will usuallysee A small sign in the yard witha narrow piece of wood thatsays , ” please be quiet . “”,Everyone will understand . Uncle . In the sleep, the staff do not speak loudly, the children are less able to play and make trouble, IItWillQuietly.Sitting in the hallway reading a book, there are some other staff kids in the backyard, and sometimes we play together..

By the time we eat, we take our lunch box and meal ticket to the canteen to line up to buy food, the canteen has what dishes to order what dishes. The canteen is divided into small and medium-sized stoves, big focus is for the soldiers, small stove is to the leader, is more than the Bureau. We are in the middle of the cooker, the food is similar to big focus, but less people. After dinner we have a few small partners willgo swimming in the swimming pool,at home, will see Unclehurriedly back, andhurried to go. What I’m most happy about is that I have a sneak bend with my uncle, because he can relax and relieve the fatigue of his work.

Whenicouldn’t figure out the rebellion against the Red Guards , I went to ask my uncle. But he would never say anything to me, and would ask me,”did someone send you to ask me?” “I said of course not, butI myselfthink it is such a revoltwho will build the country?” Uncle did not talk to me more, when I was young, think the problem is very simple.

I’ve never seen uncle get angry and,of course, I can’t reach out towhat he does at work. However,i have heard people say that he will be very strict with the department level cadres he leads directly, and sometimes he will get angry. He has never had a temper with a subordinate or grass-roots staff member at the departmental level. Instead, he would be patient, gentle, and serious about understanding the situation, and even if there was a mistake, he would not criticize them, but would criticize the leadership at the top level.

When I was living in Siban, I had dinner with my uncle and aunt, and I could only communicate with them about my ideas at the dinner table. As I entered adulthood, there were also young people who pursued me. Uncle in my choice of lifelong partner impact is very big, he has taught me in the searchfor objects, do not look at the appearance, do not look at the position, to see whether he and your interests are like-minded, your goal is not the same, the direction is not consistent. He talked about his girlfriends in France,whomet during the academic movement, the President of the women’s movement, because they were all in France, so they had more contacts, and they all joined the juvenile Communist Party, and the two had a good relationship. However, when they joined the Communist Party in Paris, France, the uncle found that she would care what others thought of her , and the position was not very firm. So he made it clear with the girlfriend why he was breaking up. Afterwards, they remained in a friend’s relationship. Later, my uncle wrote to my seven moms and asked him to marry him. The way he proposed, you know? “We want to open our wings and soar freely,” he said in the letter. “

At that time is still feudal society, just left feudal society soon, he wants to break the bondage, free to love the people he loves. In a postcard he sent me seven moms, I wrote , “I hope we go to the  guillotine together, like Rosenberg and Bucanassi.” On the other side of the postcard is an oil painting with the heads of Rosenberg and Bucanassi during the French Revolution. He said so, but also in this way to educate me, in the fall of love should be what kind of attitude, should be a common ambition.

He also taught me to beIndependent, to do my own thing, and to do my job on the ground. He stressed that I am an ordinary common people, should also rely on their own ability to build a happy family.

Interview with Zhou Bingyi clips

To me, uncle is a kind father image, he gives me a sense of security. Every time I talk to my uncle about personal matters and choices, he will be engrossed in listening to me and never interrupting midway through. In the choice of questions, he always uses a negotiable tone, or to give an example of the way to let me judge, without any sense of stress. Uncle is very strict with us, his stern performance in his strict self-discipline, although not written on the rules of paper, but his teachings can let me remember a lifetime, unconsciously to follow, is to be a poor people, everything for the sake of others, the whole picture.

When I graduated from high school to enroll in college, there were only two institutions, one was the Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts, one was the Central Academy of Arts and Crafts, and I graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts. Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts is the study of oil painting, Chinese painting, printmaking, sculpture, is the creation of fine Arts.  The Central Academy of Arts and Crafts is actually an Academy of Fine Arts and design. Uncle has been teaching us to serve the peasants, for the masses, to serve the people, to serve the people, then art design can indeed be directly for the peasants, for the masses, because it is the design of flower cloth, design ceramics, tableware, as well as commodity packaging, and so on, is closely linked to people’s lives. Considering that uncle usually to my education, do things to take into account the needs of the people, so I decided to go to the central Arts and Crafts College, after graduation directly for the masses of services.

After thinking about it, I was going to talk to uncle and tell him that I had decided to report to the Central Academy of Arts and Crafts and wanted to hear his opinion. Uncle listened to, talked about his own views, he said:”now some of our goods quality is very good, but packagingdesign can not keep up, so export foreign sales rate is low, affect foreign exchange rate, very suffer.” He went on to say:”we are in great need of a group of designers to fill this gap in our mud.” “Uncle didn’t give me any advice, he just talked about the actual situation at the time. He stands for his own business and has to make his own decisions.

I think so, is his influence on us first let us abide by discipline, this is the first, the second is to be an ordinary person, good for the people. Just because I’m his own niece,He’s more strict with us, and he wants me to be an ordinary person, and that’s what he’s asking for.

Uncle is very opposed to the hereditary system, that is, the father is the official son also want to be official, grandson also want to be official, the time bureaucrat, because our family used to have this kind of bureaucratic tradition, he must change this phenomenon, so he did not want to let us be official, but he did not say directly, he said you are going to be workers To be a common most ordinary person, so my own volunteer is to be an ordinary person, to be an ordinary common people, an ordinary laborer, I can do something for the community, do my best, I will never think about going to be an official, to make a fortune what I definitely do not go like this.

Although my ability is limited, but I do not give the elderly, how to say, do not give the elderly trouble, I at least want to make people feel that at least you are honest and very important to be an ordinary person, I think we as his nephew, niece, can has to be an ordinary person, do not give the elderly trouble ,I think our lives are ready., I did it.

Although the Uncle is verygentle, but he is still very prestige in front of us, there is a saying in China: not angry self-wei. It was he who was not angry but His Majesty was already there, so we were also in aweof him.

I remember only once Uncle angry, once, his dry daughter Sun Weishi with his daughter Xiaolan to West Flower Hall to visit uncle, Xiaolan is about 5years old. When everyone sat at the table, I don’t know what the reason, Xiaolan lost his temper and hit her mother a bit. The prime minister was angry at the time and patted the table and said,”how can you treat your mother like that? “

Uncle has a lot of respect for his two mothers, and is also very filial. So ,his discipline of his children is also very severe. Our Zhou family’s children are still more sensible, more regular, will not make such a look, are still more sensible.

I think anyway, this year China is a big step forward, from a relatively backward country to the present, the gross national product has occupied the world’s second place, GNP, is indeed production has a great development, social progress is very fast, this I think Uncle will be very pleased. However, there is a great cultural problem in the moral spirit, and I think he will be very worried because it is not what he would like to see.

Interview with Zhou Qing

Zhou Qing is my brother, born at the time of the 10 years of the founding of New China in Daqing. There is a picture of grandma holding him on the high steps of Siban in Zhongnanhai with his relatives, including his prime minister, this year. When my brother grew up to be able to run all over the place, the Prime Minister Witty called him a newspaper boy. A word of Cheng, until now his ambition is to sell newspapers, especially to talk about the report of Xuan Dao. 2015I interviewed him specifically for the production of the documentary “Following Zhou Enlai’s footprints” and asked”If the prime Minister is here today, what would you most like to say to him?” , He was moved and choked to say:”I want to talk to him . “. He was not so much moved by the prime minister as by his magnificent career as a revolutionary, such as the Prime Minister. It was with these revolutionaries that the world was filled with hope. What could be more commendable than making the world hopeful ?

I remember one time we had a seminar at the Zhou Enlai Research Center at Nankai University , and a student was writing a paper on the topic “Zhou Enlai and multi-party cooperation” to seek our views on this, This is how my brother talked about his view:”the world is colorful, so there are many ideas and many political parties set up by this, but the most fundamental is the Tao, to study Zhou Enlai and the Communists do is not difficult to understand the multi-party cooperation, that is inevitable.” Many of the excellent qualities of the communists, such as Zhou Enlai, and the wonders of the world they created, came from their heart and reason. “

The career of the Prime minister and other revolutionaries deeply influenced my brother’s study of the Tao. He believes that the Tao,”da is the world, poor is left alone”, regardless of the Dudley or the poor have to have a heart and reason, and can not be mediocre, with the capricious to wait to die. The heart cannot follow, but to repair; sex is not allowed, but to hold, the so-called” spiritual practice of the Boulevard students.” Only a noble heart can recognize and engage in a noble cause. There is no more noble cause than not to die or to be long. Death is not terrible, the so-called”ask in the face, death is enough”, terrible is not convinced that there is such a road can make us healthier or longer, this is where we remember Zhou Enlai, learn Zhou Enlai place. On the website of our Zhou Enlai Peace Research Institute, there is an article written by my Brother on peace and longevity, who says,”not everyone can be prime minister or anything else, but everyone can be someone like him . ” . Ancient clouds:”not for the good, must be good Doctor.” Cure the rule, the sametruth. The Tao is selfless, selfless and clear, clear person through, through and not blocked, blocked so sick, sick so that death, reason to speak orderly, orderly and pure, pure real, real and not false, false so leakage, leakage so that death. The Chinese nation is the most preaching and reason of the nation. It is heartwarming to think of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s recent speech commemorating the anniversary of Zhou Enlai’s birthday and the speech commemorating the anniversary of Marx’s birthday . For many years, people lament the “heart is only micro “. Believe that the heart will grow up. DAO heart to grow in society is long-term stability, the heart of the growth of the human body is longevity. If the human body is a small society, if the society is a big human body. Everything should be long-term. The longer the Duke, the shorter the private; the longer the long, the short can not be long.

My interviews with a lot of people, including interviews with my brother, have made me feel deeply that the prime Minister is by our side, his influence is everywhere, is the so-called”leave the danxin to take the sweat.” There is no talk about Dan, which means”dan Dao”. In fact, the word “Revolution”also comes from Dan Dao. There is a song called” The revolutionaries are always young”, and my brother does seem to be much younger than his peers, which may be the reason why he firmly believes in revolutionary ideals. Revolution in society, so that society is full of hope; revolution in the human body, let the human body full of sunshine. I hope my brother’s Shang on the Tao newspaper can be shared with you at an early date. A long career is bound to have a profound impact on people. Is there anything that lasts longer than a long-term career? In addition to the long, or not for the long struggle, everything is floating clouds, even if it is still alive, not to mention has been dead, and conversely, life and death are meaningful, this is Mao Zedong said , ” the greatness of life, the glory of Death” .


Interview with Chen Hanxie

Zhou Xiaofang: Hello, Mr. Chen, I have finally met you. This time Guangdong Shantou, Jieyang, Chaostate line,Thank you very muchfor your attention all the way, from your words and your things for people ,OurCan allDeep.BodyWillToYour admiration and sincere feelings for Premier Zhou, youInTotalHistoryResearch, especially the energy you spend studying the Guangdong Premier Zhou, is admirable, and the value of these historical materials is invaluable. I would like to ask you to tell us more about the life and deeds of Premier Zhou during his time in Guangdong.

Chen Hanxie: This time we are very happy to receive you here, we are also very happy, you as the president of the Zhou Enlai Peace Research Institute in the United States, but also the prime Minister’s niece, we very much welcome.

Because the prime Minister has a very close connection with our Chaoshan, my contact study of the Prime Minister is written, and I have not seen the prime minister in my own eyes …(Mr. Chen said there was a bit of a choke here, and I handed him a napkin.) At the same time, I am also wiping tears. Buthisgreat historical exploits, staying in our entire China, the whole world, I am thrilled to say this, this Enlai Prime Minister…

He was at our time. Chaoshan area is a total of four times  , the first is 19252months of the first East sign,and the same year , the second eastern levy; The first two were when the Communist Party of China and the Kuomintang cooperated with the KMT, and at that time, he was the director of the Department of Political Affairs of Huangpu Military Academy and the director of General Political Department of the Eastern Army. Two identities to Shantou. At that time, the background is so, the prime minister returned from France,hefirst came toHong Kong to Guangdong, His time back coincides with the climax of our domestic cooperation revolution. At that time, Mr. Sun Yat-senwanted tobuild Huangpu Military Academy, because of the lack of talent, to find some of our Communist Party’s elite to do this thing, so the prime Minister was introduced by the Kuomintang people and his friends, and returned home. What is said now is the returnees.

When he returned to Guangdong, he was also a very prominent figure in our Communist Party, and he was chairman of the Guangdong District Committee of the Communist Party of China and a military minister. Within the Kuomintang, the Communists joined the Kuomintang as individuals, and the communistshad dual membership, as did Mr. Enlai,who joined the Kuomintang in the name of Communist Party members.

At the time of his first eastward levy, he was also a member of the Dongjiang organization of the Kuomintang, in charge of the grassroots restructuring of the Kuomintang in the Dongjiang area . Because in this piece should be said to be warlord Melee, the Kuomintang this Organization is also mess, Dongjiang this area of the Kuomintang grass-rootsorganizations are organized by Mr. Enlai.

From this point of view, Mr. Enlai he also contributed to the party building work of the Kuomintang; from the Communist Party, he  was the founder of the communist organization in the Dongjiang region, and the Communist Party of Chinawas1921years7Month1Established on the day,1925 The year was the beginning of the Communist Party, so in Dongjiang, there was onlyCo-productionPartyOf theActivities, only progressive student activities of the Communist Youth League, and no communist organization.

Mr. Enlai to Dongjiang this area, he also formed the Communist Party of China in the grass-roots organization, at that time Shantou party Group is also Mr. Enlai personally formed,Shantou Party organizationFirst Secretary called Yang Shi Soul.

After the arrival of the first east, because of the May in Guangzhou Yang Liu (Yang Ximin Liu Zhenji) rebellion, at that time, Mr. Liao Zhongkai proposed that the eastern Army to went, calm Yang Liu Rebellion, the eastern army will go back, back after the Dongjiang around the east of the army, the local warlords have returned, the people are in dire straits, After the first eastward levy, some progressive forces were cultivated, at that time also by the warlords devastated, some to the death, Shantou’s mayor to Kill, hisname Laofeng.

Later, the second eastward levy was carried out1925years, when the situation was that, as National Revolutionary Army, National Revolutionary Army had been formed at that time, and Mr. Enlai was the National Revolutionary Army Director of the General Command of General Political Department , Mr. Chiang Kai-shek is the commander in chief, carried out a second East Levy,played a few hard fights, butshould have said at that time is very smooth, sweptsuch as Curl.

1925 4days a month, the eastern army took over Shantou, when Mr. Enlai from Jieyang boat to Shantou West Embankment wharf, when the city, almost the entire Shantou of the public poured into the streets to welcome the East Army into the city. So at that time, Mr. Enlai and Mr. Chiang Kai-shek, the eastern Army, which they organized and directed, were very popular with the people.

After entering the city, the trade unions at that time organized up, the agriculturalSociety also organized up, the wholeChaoshanRegion of the workers and peasants movement is very enthusiastic. The whole level of organization at that time was very high, and we know that the Lufeng peasant movement was carried out earlier under the leadership of Pengpai, when, after all, he was very small in scope, when the eastern Army came, the wholeDongjiang area of thepeasant sportsworkers The movement was very active, and Mr. Pengpai became the head of the farm, and Mr. Yang Shi Soul was known as the foreman, the leader of the workers, Pengpai was the head of the farmer, which was a situation. In another case, because the entire Dongjiang region, when Mr. Enlai came, he mainlydid local work, and as director of the Department of Political Affairs, he organized the Kuomintang of the place and organized the Communist Party,Workers and PeasantsOrganize your workHe did it all.

Chiang Kai-shek is the commander in chief, he mainly control , commandthe army, and the whole situation he wants to master, so as a place this piece is Mr. Enlai is doing. After Mr. Enlai arrived in Chaoshan, he came in the month, toShantou, he was in the name of Director General Political Department to doPlace to work, and later he wasPeopleAppointed by the government as DongjiangGenus The Executive Committee, because the whole of Guangdong was divided into six districts at that time, Dongjiang was one of the regions, and he was appointed as an executive member of the Dongjiang, a local chief executive throughout the Dongjiang region.

In a sense, he should be the first leader in  our Chinese Communist Party to become a local chief executive, and in the construction of local power, Mr. Enlai was the first to intervene, and the earliest practice of this place to work, Mastering the power of the regime, how to govern, Mr. Enlai he was the first.

In addition, Chiang Kai-shek is in charge of the military, Mr. Enlai is responsible for the political work of National Revolutionary Army, he is also the party representatives of the First Division, he in this army, how to carry out politicalwork, how to implement the party representatives system, the political system of this armyshould beHe was presided over, it should be said that he is how we the Communist Party of China in the military to dopoliticalwork, how to grope this set of political working system, Mr. Enlai is the earliest, It was the earliest in the Communist Party of China. He is responsible for the revolutionary Army of the Kuomintang cooperation , is also one of the founders of our National Revolutionary Party, involved in leading the work of the Army, is also the earliest in our parties, so said Mr. Enlai in Guangdong Dongjiang This area of military activities, local administrative work practice, leading the accumulation of workers and peasants experience, There is also the cooperation between the Kuomintang and the Communist Party of our countries, and this experience is the earliest of Mr. Enlai. From this point of view, Mr. Enlai for our entire Chaoshan area has done a lot, very emotional, he and several Chaoshan district colleagues have established a deep friendship, such as this Yang Shi Mr. Soul, he was the Communist Party of ChinaShantou Specialsecretary, he and his relationship is very close .

At that time, the comrades of the CPC party in Chaoshan called himEnlai (bearded), Mr. Wu had a big beard, andThe revolutionary comrades of the party Affectionately called him Beard. He has a long beard and a beautiful man.

Mr. Zhou Enlai and Ms. Deng Yingchao married, was 19257months in Guangzhou married, after marriage Ms. Deng Yingchao is1925Year A/ The month has come to Shantou. At that time because two people newlyweds, the feelings are very deep. In Shantou, they rentat thecrouchingDragon Restaurant.

Some comrades in the party in Shantou went to see her, and the two of them had a good relationship, and in front of others they showed that theywere a pair of loving couple, and comrade Enlai sat, and Deng Yingchao stood by and stoodonhis Gently touchinghis hair at the back , a detail that Mr. Wooggerlater recalled, It’s very interesting.

In Shantou left that photo, the Prime Minister is sitting, Deng Yingchao in the back of the stand, is also very beautifulappearance, she in Guangzhou that photo picture of a little foreign, is also that era, when two of their people’s revolutionary feelings are very deep. When she came, Ms. Deng Yingchao’s identity was that she came to Shantou as a representative of the women’s Department of the National Party Central Committee, and the main task was to guide the women’s movement in the Dongjiang area at that time, to work as a woman, and when she came, she immediately carried out women’s work andheld Women’s gala, and everyone to mingle with, these images and these memories, are some of the old Chaoshan area women cadres at that time, they are very impressed. This is the case of mr. Enlaiin the two-time eastward Levy. Mr. enlai LED 8months and 1days in 1927.Nanchang Uprising, causeIsBecause1927Year415 Counter-revolutionary coup, after Chiang Kai-shek’s Mutiny revolution, the Communist Party of China split, when the CPC proposed to build its own team. Because of Chiang Kai-shek’s Mutiny and revolution, many people were slaughtered, including the progressives who were in Chaoshan area at the time, and many very talented people were arrested and killed by the Kuomintang. A very famous person is Li Chuntao, Li Chuntaostudied at Waseda University in Japan, is a political philosophy, he is a very talented person, his writing is very good, his economic paper is very good, at the same time Lee When he returned from studying in spring, he was in the political weekly newspaper in Guangzhou, a political weekly newspaper run by our Communist Party, where he worked, and laterinshantou,Mr. Enlai inSecondSecondary East signAfter the Victory, In the name of the Kuomintang, the LordRun a “Lindong of the Republic of China,” the headline of this newspaper is he yingqinQuestions, He was a division teacher of National Revolutionary Army, Enlai was a party delegate of the First Division, and the two were partners, he yingqinQuestionsThe headline, Mr. Enlai for this newspaper. The header of the supplement.,QuestionsThe”Revolution”Two words, that is, the two words we visited.

This newspaper is also a very important newspaper, as at that time the spread of Sun Yat-sen’s sanmin doctrine, propaganda of the Communist Party’s claims, the dissemination of Marxism-Leninism has played a great role. I once wrote an article called “Zhou Enlai and the Lindong of the Republic of China,” in a publication of the Press Institute of the Chinese Academy of Public Sciences, Mr. Li Chuntao, the president of the Lindong of the Republic of Korea, who, after being caught by the Shantou Kuomintang after the 415 counter-revolutionary coup, stabbed him to death in a sack and threw him into the sea, Not even the bones were found.

After Chiang Kai-shek’s Mutiny revolution, our Communist Party had to rise up and build its own flag

Our party, Mr. Enlai, led the Nanchang Uprising, which he led in the name of the former secretary of the Communist Party of China , and he long and yeting them, after the successful start of the Nanchang Uprising,Later, he withdrew from Nanchang City, all the way south, when the South sign did encounter a lot of difficulties.

Nanchang Uprising after the all the way down, because this along the way , the more hot, when the heat, very difficult, all the way to the troops very tired, grain supply quartermaster is also very difficult, braving the heat all the way down, The main purpose is to go to Guangzhou to establish a revolutionary base area, here a big fight. According to my analysis, because Mr. Enlai in Guangdong, he has done it in Shantou, there is a revolutionary foundation here, there is revolutionary force, there is his comrades, there is a very rich foundation, the people support him, so he wants to do a big fight here. But by the19279monthsof the day into Chaozhou,9months24 After the day entered the Shantou, then the JapaneseBritish warships came to Shantou port, the revolutionary Army launched athreat. At that time, Mr. Enlai appointed Mr. Guo Moruo as a diplomatic negotiator of the Revolutionary Army Shantou the revolutionary regime, in charge of diplomacy , and was responsible for the diplomacy of the Shantou revolutionary regime at that time , when seven or eight countries had consulates in Shantou, So it was Guo Moruowho visited several nationalconsularHalls in the name of the diplomatic make-up festival to visit the director of the Customs and Excise Departmentand the Tide CustomsIsAlien ControlOf the.

Later, through the operation of Guo Moruo, Japan,The British fleet retreated, Shantou basically maintained a relatively stable situation. But the sudden storm, the Kuomintang army at that time in the entire Guangdong region has been very strong, from the Jieyang side, close to Fengshun there, encountered, at thattime the whole force of the situation is outnumbered, the strength of the wide disparity. Jieyang County Norththere to open the war, both sides of the sacrifice is very large, the entire rebel forces of the main combat effectiveness has also been thwarted, so Shantou army retreat, evacuation.

At that time, the whole Shantou area, Nanchang Uprising came in, a total of seven days of time, history called “Chaoshan 7th Red”,Shantou seven days, ChaozhouCounty Eight days, JieyangCountythree days, ChenghaiCountyfour days, Rao PingCountyis five days, the whole is known as Chaoshan 7th Red,

Chaoshan broad masses of peoplebecause after the 415 coup, the masses repressed a lot,Nanchang Uprising into Shantou, we are very happy, raised eyebrows, history is called 7th Red, is the people raised their eyebrows seven days. At that time, I just talked about the Nanchang uprising to withdraw from Shantou, at that time is9monthsof the night retreat, about one or two o ‘ clock time to withdraw from the Shantou, passing the Jieyang of the Rongjiang, to the Pu Lin Quicksand side to go, Then a quicksand meeting was opened in the Quicksand, in which the main leaders of the Rebels took part, and Mr. Enlai was suffering from malariaandwas very ill , He presided over theQuicksand meeting with illness .

The quicksand meeting is mainly about the deployment of lessons learned from the previous period of time  , the evacuation of the deployment of personnel . The important leaders at the time, he long, yeting and Guo Moruo, their leading leaders, retreated from this place through the protection of our underground. Mr. Enlai was Yang Shi the soul to protect him because he was ill, so he had to focus on protecting him. At that time cover him to Lufeng, in Lufeng this place of a farmhouse

He lived for one months, then retreated from the port of Lufeng to Hong Kong, and finally to the Shanghai Party Central Committee. Basically, the Nanchang uprising is such a situation.

The fourth time was Mr. Enlai when he was in Shanghai’s CPC Central Committee ,the Shanghai Party Central revolutionary BaseandJiangxi Central Revolutionary Base Area needed a traffic route, Mr. Enlai personally presided over and formed from the Shanghai Party Central Committee to Hong Kongviashantou to Chaozhou to Dapu to the Central revolutionary base area Such a line of traffic, this lines of traffic is very secret, called secret lines of transport, At that time, this line of traffic is mainly responsible for the Shanghai Party Central Committee to the Central revolutionary Base area ofpersonnel and correspondence, material relief, Because at that time the CPC Central Committee in the side of theneed for a variety of goods , but also medicine, communications supplies, food, as well as some scarce items, To transport through this line of transportation, so this line of traffic is also a lifeline.

At that time, many leaders of the party and the state, from theCPC Central Committee to the centralSovietDistrict,passed

This line of transport. Mr. Enlai and Ms. Deng Yingchao also reached the central Soviet district through this line of transport. At that time, Mr. Enlai was a month of1931, from Shanghai to Hong Kong to Shantou, when he disguisedas a worker, businessman andclergyman, and then passed here, Mr. Enlai is notoften bold, healso came out to see a movie in Shantou at night, it is also incredible to think of.

I think he might have wanted to know something, to understand some places, the situation in enemy territory at the time, to master some intelligence, so he ventured out, but he didn’t have an accident. After he arrived at the central SovietDistrict, he also came to Shantou several times, disguised as a priest,with a big beard, wearing missionary clothes, specifically to do what, we are not quite clear, he did not say, is some comrades said, Mr. Enlai to Shantou, The basic situation of the activity to the whole Chaoshan area is this. Through these several situations, I after more than 10 years, I was1983years began to study, the collection of Zhou Enlai information, at that time is also relatively early, the collection of Zhou Enlai in Chaoshan information, the central literature Laboratory has just been established shortly, Zhou Comrades of the Enlai research group have also come to Shantou, so that our information has also been collected, to provide information to the central government, to supplement the gap in this section of historical materials, because this paragraph knows not many people,1985yearsShantou also Held a national seminar in Chaoshan, when the meeting was held in the name of the Guangdong Provincial Call committee and Shantou, when from the national research Zhou Enlai experts, as well as the central literature

The laboratory, as well as comrades of the military academy concerned with the study of military history, have also come.

After this meeting, there was also a relatively large impact, when a professor at Peking University called Liangzhu, and later he was the vice president of Peking University, when he learned of the meeting,He sent us a letter, asked for information about our meeting, we also sent it to him. After the meeting,an expert at Yale University in the United States, who studied Zhou Enlai, also knew about it and asked us for information. Therefore, I have been impressed by the revolutionary activities of Mr. Enlai in Guangdong, Dongjiang and Chaoshan places during this period of collection of historical research.

I figured it out. Enlai in Chaoshan about four months or more, stay here for four months, Mr. Enlai in his life, four months is also a very small period of time, but in his life, this section occupies a very important position, because this paragraph is a very vigorous period, It is also Mr. Enlai’s first contact with the party’sspecific revolutionary practice work since he returned home from the residence method , and from now on, this is a returnees who have just taken part in the work since they came back, but he has done so much as soon as he has worked in a jobOf theThings, earth-shattering events.

Now some of our returnees have come back after a few years of work and haven’t done much. But Enlai is not the same, so I think of a great man, his appearance is not accidental, it should be said that he has talent, should be said that he is a gifted revolutionary, politician, this is an impression of me.

The second impression is that, through this period of time, Mr. Enlai the army that led the national Revolutionand cooperated with the Communist Party ofChina, and National Revolutionary Army, through the political work pursued by the Soviet Union in the Army, through the unity of the Kuomintang, To carry out the national revolution together. Theseexperiences have basically laid down the experience of our Communist Party of China, and laid a good foundation for our army to carry out political work in the army in the future. His dealings with the Kuomintang people have laid the foundation at this time, so in the future, the anti-Japanese War, the XI ‘ an incident and the Kuomintang negotiations, after the founding of the Kuomintang to deal with the KMT, he also served as foreign minister, and foreign people of international contacts,WithDuring this time , TheLayingOf theFoundationsIt’s closely related.. Therefore, the relevant person in charge of the Central Literature Research Office , after seeing our material, said that this period of time is a very important part of Mr. Enlai’s life, we should study it well. This is the second impression.

The third impression is that Mr. Enlai is a leader who can unite people, care for the masses, and mingle with the people . Now that we are in power, the Communist Partyof1921, 1949 years in power, for decades has become along-term ruling ruling party, how to do a good jobLianPolitical work, how and the people to maintainClose Contact, How the Communist Party continues to govern, we are to solve the good and the People’sOffSystem, because our regime is the regime of the people.

The flesh-and-blood relationship with the people is a fundamental basis for our Communist Partyto govern, so in this sense, Mr. Enlai this experience should be summed up well, is a very valuable experience. Because I thought back, at thattimeMr. Enlai very concerned about our general masses. I think of one thing,19262months and 1days, when he took office as Dongjiang executive Committee on the same day, tide A gang of people from Ann came to petition, what is the reason for the petition? At that time, Chaoshancity XiguanRestaurant Tea Union, according to my understanding, should be Chaozhou hotels and tea rooms, tea drinking places and food industry this union strike.

The reason for the strike was that the countyPolice at the time had to add exorbitant taxes to the city’s Xiguan restaurant and tea room because the situation was so, and the countyThe government did not pay wages,Police It ‘s up to the place to collect. Because at that time may Chaozhou Tea Room restaurantindustryMoney More, it is the service industry, so the police sent them more money, workers are not satisfied on the strike.

After the strike, when a worker called Shaoking, the police grabbed him and grabbed him, and when they were dissatisfied, they ran to Shantou to find Enlai petition. Mr. Enlai, who had just assumed The post of Executive Commissioner at the time, was not in the office of the Dongjiang Administrative Committee at that time, when a section chief came to receive them, and when Mr. Enlai returned, he saw the workers standing at the door, writing in writing, and the newspaper reported that it was,” Department Outside the standing, extremely pitiful”, feel very sympathetic to the people. Mr. Enlai asked theirrepresentativesto sit in the PCO of the Dongjiang Administrative Committee and ask the other petitioners to go back first and ask them to return to the state, not to wait here, and the weather was so cold , It was February, just Spring Festival, the weather is very cold, want them to go home.

At that time, Chaozhou and Shantou railway  , that train is going to open, driving time is approaching, so he immediately called, to the railway station to postpone the departure time, waiting for the workers to go

By car, it’s a job . The second is toaskThe representative to go into the PCO to talk about, the Prime Minister will answer

See them and let them reflect what the situation is. Then Mr. Enlai also called, asked the police to put ShaokingThis person, can not catch people.

The next day, Mr. Enlai sent another section chief to Chaozhou to investigate the situation. A survey, it is true that the police in the restaurant union to collect too much money, Mr. Enlai personally instructed that the police will be in the county on average assessment, can not see people with money to get people so much money, not, to average apportionment, and later the second Tiangong people

It was joyous, the problem was solved, the joy was joyous, and it was very happy.

From Mr. Enlai’s handling of the mass petition, I get a revelation that Mr. Enlai does mass work, deals with  Group events, and if it’s a little bigger, it’s called an emergency. He works meticulously, his first thinking is the masses, how to solve the difficulties for you, put yourself in the consideration of the masses, really do things for the masses, and vigorous.  It is a revelation that our governing position will become more and more consolidated if we do group work, as Mr. Enlai did, in less than an hour to get things settled.

The other revelation is that Mr. Enlai and Ms. Deng Yingchao, who are a pair of revolutionary partners, feature two people who are committed to the Chinese revolution at the same time, and have contributed throughout their lives to the Chinese revolution, the Chinese people, who are a model couple and a role model for our young people to learn.

Now is prone to divorce, motionless two couples havea conflict, of course, we also advocate freedom of marriage, emotional breakdown, can not continue to leave, our marriage law provisions. But Mr. Enlai, Ms. Deng Yingchao, of course, they also have contradictions, so long in life, intricate, but two of people understand each other and work for a common goal, which is also a role model for our young people.

There is one more thing worth mentioning, I have visited Shantou an old gentleman, called Xu Meixun, Mr. Xu Meixun is China’s left union, the Chinese leftist Writers Union, was founded in the last century , Mr. Xu Meixun was also an editor of the daily newspaper of the Republic of Lindong, which I have just spoken of, who is the editor of the literary edition of the revolutionary Supplement, which has many pages,Literature and Agriculture , as well as workers and peasants ,A lot of supplementLayout, he is responsible for the editor of the literary and artistic layout, he is also a left union of the people, but also Shantou an early literary and artistic circles of the progressive literary youth.

He met Mr. Enlai  at a meeting of left union in Shanghai during the last century, when Enlai was in Shanghai and left union was organized by Mr. Enlai, Of course, for the sake of the Communist Party to unite our literary people on the left. Mr. Xu Meixun met Mr. Enlai two people in the chat, Mr. Enlai and Mr. Xu Meixun talked about a thing, he said you Chaoshan there is a living toThe age of the female poet, that poetess and our ancestors have ties.

At that time, Xu Meixun also did not ask what exactly the connection, and then I after a check, in fact, Mr. Enlai said  at that time, the more than 100-year-old lady called Guo Yishun, she lived to theage. Legend of the People she was using a poem to discouraged the army that attacked her village, andsuch a great poet, through a poem, touched the people who were going to siege the village at that time, and a poem discouraged the army. This poet she isHaiyang CountyPeople, later married to Chaoyang, is surnamed Zhou, in Chaoyang’s Zhou surname, and later a check with Mr. Enlai, Zhejiang Shaoxing Zhou has a common ancestor, is Zhou Dunyi, Zhou surname of the ancestor.

Zhou Enlai and Lu Xun ‘s ancestorswere the same department, and Chaoyang’s Zhousurname is also a department. Zhou Dunyi’sZengsun Zhoumei Chaucer in Song three years to know Chaozhou after the tide of residence. So through this matter, I also think that Mr. Enlai is not simple, he went to Chaoshan to live only four months, and to Chaoshan local things know so clearly, checkhisancestor is also linked to this place.

This Guo- JinShun is the Ming Dynasty people, so I estimate that Mr. Enlai to Chaoshan, he also looked at a lot of Chaoshan local information, especially the local history of Chaoshan information, so only so familiar with the place.

Mr. Enlai he is a leader and a great man who is very mindful of his study and knows the history of the place .

Biography of Mr. Chen Hanxie:

Chen Hangou,1948, associate researcher in the history of the year. Jieyang people in Guangdong Province, China, was the deputy director of the History Research Office of Shantou Municipal Committee, chairman of the Shantou Social Science Federation, and director of the Literary committee of Shantou CPPCC. After retiring, he was hired by Guangdong Provincial People’s government as the Librarian of the Literary History Research Museum of Guangdong Provincial People’s government.



Our footprints continue, and the message of”footprints”is simple: through sound, images, diagrams, texts, and the parties directly describe the deeds of the great man Zhou Enlai, This makes it easier for everyone to understand the direction of peace that Zhou Enlai has pointed out and China’s firm position as a defender of world peace. Through the “footprints”, people can also understand how Zhou Enlai is committed to safeguarding the interests of the country and the people, facing all kinds of obstruction and challenges, and unswervingly safeguarding the interests of the country and the people. The “footprint”itself is moving in the direction of peace and moving forward.

Zhou Enlai’s life represents the dignity of a nation. He is a symbol of peace and a well-deserved vanguard model of world peace. Today, China is following the footsteps of the older generation of revolutionaries to create a more civilized new world that the world looks up to.

Zhou Enlai’s story is the story of the rise of modern China. We look back with this understanding, and we are looking forward to the future .