It’s Time

It’s Time

Like a bamboo shoot breaking the soil,
time nurtures the earth

Like the rising sun in the East,
time fills the universe

This is the best of times, because it was prepared for me;
This is the best day, because it is coming to you

Because of you, I am prepared
Because of you, I am ready for this moment

Do we recall his footsteps?
Do we remember his laughter?

Are we drawn by his love?
Do we understand his dedication?

Do you hear him? He is calling to you.
Do you feel him? He is smiling at you.
Do you understand him? He is praying for you…

In the vastness of stars, as in the river among people,
Time does not flow back.

Facing the challenges of life,
Only spirit remains immortal.

This is now!

dedicated to Zhou Enlai
by Zhou Xiao Fang; July 28, 2012