Key Interviews

Key interviews from the Footsteps program, short excerpts:

1. Zhou Bingde, the grand-niece of Zhou Enlai, who grew up with him at Zhongnanhai (West Flower Hall), at the Premier’s residence inside the Forbidden City.

2. Zhao Wei, personal secretary for Zhou Enlai for 32 years during his service as Premier. She ran his personal office, and handled all his communications with domestic and international leaders, and witnessed many historic events.

3. Chen Hanchu, a well-known author form Guangdong Province, who has carried out a lifetime of research on the work of Zhou Enlai, especially in southern China around Guangzhou.

Extended versions of these interviews, and many others featuring scholars, officials and family members, along with historic footage and narration, will be a key feature of the final film, “In the Footsteps of Zhou Enlai.”

4. Jack Austin, a Canadian diplomat who worked with Premier Zhou Enlai, alongside Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, to lay the foundations for diplomatic, trade and cultural relations between China and Canada. Personal reflections.