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One of the founders of the Institute is Zhou Bing De, the niece of Zhou Enlai, who grew up with him in the center of power in Beijing and witnessed many historic events. Most important, she saw him up close, in a highly personal way, and knows his character in detail as very few did. She wrote a book in Chinese, “My Uncle Zhou Enlai,” which was published in China and Russia and very much treasured; but the book is not available in any other language.

This will soon change, as Zhou Xiao Fang, who lives in America and is fluent in English, has translated her aunt’s book.

“My Uncle Zhou Enlai” will soon be published by a major American publishing house, with the resources to further translate it and publish it in all major languages, making this insightful work visible to people worldwide.

Zhou Xiao Fang is also translating the memoir of her father, Zhou Hua Zhang, who knew his uncle well in the early years of his career, and has many powerful recollections of Zhou Enlai’s humility and humanity. This will be a companion volume, and the first of many new works about Zhou Enlai.

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