Video Report

The Zhou Enlai Peace Institute — celebrating the life, words and works of China’s great hero of peace, Premier Zhou Enlai.

He is beloved by the Chinese people as one of the architects of the new China.

Now, he is being recognized everywhere as an important world leader. Zhou Enlai inspires new generations in all the five continents to build the foundations of peace.


In its first two years, the Zhou Enlai Peace Institute began a journey of education and inspiration that touched thousands around the world.

It began with an opening banquet at the Peace Palace in Beijing, working with the Chinese People’s Friendship Association. Friends and family of Zhou Enlai came together to celebrate this new international project, and to publish the Institute’s first book, “A Man of Peace.”

Former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger was a great friend and ally of Premier Zhou Enlai. The co-founders of the Institute met with him, and he said that now is the time for Zhou Enlai to be recognized worldwide as China’s greatest peacemaker.

The Institute was announced to the world in Honolulu, during the Asia Pacific Economic Conference. VIP’s from China and America came to announce that Zhou Enlai stands tall, alongside the greatest heroes of peace. The Institute unveiled its first public exhibition, and produced its first video DVD about this historic event.

The Institute celebrated the 40th Anniversary of the handshake that changed the world. When Zhou Enlai and Richard Nixon shook hands in Beijing, the course of history changed.

There was a re-enactment of the handshake, by the nephew of Zhou Enlai and the great grand-niece of a U.S. President, Cleveland. Eighty CEO’s from around China travelled to America for the celebration, and they were welcomed by Maya Soetoro-Ng, the sister of President Barack Obama.

The founders of the Institute accompanied Maya to a school she sponsors, where 150 young children heard stories of Zhou Enlai for the first time. Corporate sponsor Dior and the Institute presented a grant to the school.

For the first time, the grand-niece of Zhou Enlai and the sister of President Obama stood together in public to acknowledge Zhou Enlai as China’s global peacemaker.

The Institute sponsored a tour of China, following the historic footsteps of Zhou Enlai. Detailed photographs were taken, touching the places where he grew up, went to school, worked for the revolution and helped to launch the New China. A photo book, “In the Footsteps of Zhou Enlai,” is being developed.

Together with the United Nations, the University of Hawaii, and SGI International, the Zhou Enlai Peace Institute sponsored the first international Peace Garden in Hawaii. A memorial garden, honoring Premier Zhou Enlai and his wife, Deng Ying Chao, will be designed. The President’s sister was the keynote speaker at this important event.

The Zhou Enlai Peace Institute sponsored the English translation and narration of an important new film about the Flying Tigers. This documentary tells how America and China fought side-by-side to help defend the Chinese people.

The Zhou Enlai Peace Institute returned to its home in Beijing at the Peace Palace, to celebrate the its first year. A group of prestigious speakers from China and abroad gathered to reflect on the significance of his life and work. They came from psychology, education, culture, universities, journalism, film and business. As always, this event was assisted by a large group of young volunteers. Music from China Oriental Performing Arts Group included solo saxophone, and a group of young women playing the traditional Chinese arhu, in honor of the former Premier.

In its second year, the Institute supported important peacemaking events in the United States, including International Forgiveness Day at the State Capitol in Honolulu, the 175th Anniversary of the birth of Queen Lili’uokalani at ‘Iolani Palace, and United Nations Peace Day in Pearl City.

The Institute created an official celebration of the 60th Anniversary of the writing of the Five Principles of Peace, first written by Zhou Enlai on New Year’s Eve, 1953. Ambassadors from countries that led the way in adopting the Five Principles, including Thailand, Indonesia, India, Turkey and Ghana, were invited.

A delegation from Honolulu presents of a Lei of Peace from the people of Hawaii to the people of China. The Institute is honored to hold this event at the historic National People’s Congress, Beijing.

At the invitation of the Zhou Enlai Study Group at CCCPC, the Institute researched an academic paper called “The Business Principles of Zhou Enlai,” presented to a major Conference at Nankai University in Tianjin.

From the heart of the Chinese nation, the people’s aspiration for peace will reach out to the whole world. The profound life mission of Premier Zhou Enlai will be understood by millions, honoring the universal commitment to peace.