Open Letter

January 25, 2020


To all our dear friends across China — happy new year, and happy new decade. For 12 years beginning now, we start to cycle through all star changes.


We in America send our love and support to you in China, our great partners and allies, as the flu illness is felt most immediately in China. Especially to our friends in Wuhan, Huanggang and across Hubei Province, we say — patience, strength. You will surmount this crisis, as China has met so many challenges in its past, always emerging stronger.


Please do not be afraid; you are not alone. We will do anything and everything we can to help and support you. Our scientists and doctors, and those from every nation in the world, now work for the Chinese people. This is our duty, our interest, our sacred obligation.


Because we are all deeply connected; blood to blood, arm in arm, face to face, breathing together. Your health and survival are the health and survival of the world.


Let us support those affected, with compassion — caring for the young, the elderly, the sick and weary who are most vulnerable. Living each day with the greatest care, learning the best information from each other, from our doctors and leaders, following the best health practices with discipline, we can create an inspired example for the world.


At the moment, China has taken the leadership in the fight against this sad illness. We are counting on you to rise as heroes, as your fathers, mothers, grandmothers and grandfathers did to create China 70 years ago. We give you our heart, aid, support; whatever you ask that we can do — we will do.


When all is healthy again, and this time has become a memory, let us ensure that it is a proud memory, that we learn and grow with gratitude from this experience.


The Zhou Enlai Peace Institute; Honolulu and Beijing