Daughter of the Flying Tigers

October 3, 2020:

with Nancy West, Kokomo Indiana

At the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the final event in the American  GT4 SRO Racing Tour took place in early October, 2020.

The vast stadium rippled with the roar of the most powerful engines in the world, but a key ingredient was missing — 300,000 fans who normally fill the seats. Only 40,000 people were authorized to attend at “Indy” this year, because of the pandemic.

Nonetheless, the race was run with full vigor and competitiveness; champions won and were crowned. Sponsoring the awards ceremony was Galaxy Magnesium, which is bringing lightweight, environmentally-positive magnesium to the world of competitive motorsports.

The magnesium  is coming largely from China, and the vehicles using it are designed by a prestigious American design and manufacturing firm, Panoz Engineering.

Stéphane Ratel, head of the worldwide SRO organization that stands astride a multi-billion dollar industry, attended the seminar given by Galaxy, which featured a video appearance by Nancy West, daughter of one of the original volunteer Flying Tigers. These heroes of America and China are respected in both countries for the contribution they made to protecting freedom for future generations — risking their lives, flying and building together.

Nancy West, who lives in Kokomo near Indianapolis, shares memories of her father, a giant of history, and her reflections reflections of where China and America have come together.